Up-Rooted: Artists Respond to San Francisco's Black Exodus - Abdi Singh, KQED Arts, 4/2/2015

Mid-Market Development Loses Highly Touted Arts Center Plan - J.K. Dineen, SF Chronicle, 2/25/2015 

Priced Out San Francisco's Changing Values and Artist Exodus - Christian Frock, KQED Arts, 4/3/2014

A Neighborhood Thing: The Mission's Art Scene in the 90's - Kristian Farr, KQED Arts, 5/3/2015

SF Supes Mostly Awol from Arts Town Hall - Christian Frock, KQED Arts, 10/21/2014 



The Anti-Eviction Mapping Project - project by artist Erin McEloy 

The Gentrification of Our Livelihoods - project by artist Megan Wilson 


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